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Why choose kc Brandit?

Kc Brandit provides a wide range of branding. Our branding department is specially equipped and handles all facets of branding from screen printing, embroidery to pad printing and doming and digital printing. Our branding has no limit with the various departments managed by some of the most experienced branding specialists in the industry. This criteria is what gives you piece of mind when entrusting your logo to be branded by Kc Brandit.

We are also qualified in assisting with the creation of your brand name, tagline / slogan, logo, mascot character, corporate stationery, packaging and web design. If you feel like your company needs a Refresh or Redesign, we will refine what is not working and make meaningful tweaks to re-energize your brand as well as your  business. Your new brand must preserve the best of the legacy brand while leaving behind those brand pillars that no longer reflect current reality.

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Your Promotional Products Provider

Kc Brandit gives you the confidence and ability to bring your brand to life with infinite possibilities. Housed in a the heart of Kloof, the Kc Brandit team is committed to being a leader in Promotion Products.

Promotional products is a powerful promotional tool in marketing your brand. We offer and extensive range of quality  promotional products like Custom USB, Custom Magnets, Custom Key-rings, Mugs, Wristbands and Calendars just to list a few.

With custom designed promotional products your brand comes alive! We offer everything from engraving, printing or embroidering. We have over thousands of promotional products and clothing to chose from in our showroom.

Let’s make your own unique promotional product!

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From everyday promo essentials to the latest mobile tech, Kc Brandit collection contains the perfect gift, no matter the budget or occasion. Filled with innovative ideas that resellers and their diverse range of clients will love. With over 1 200 promo-centric products positioned under 18 categories, there’s something for every promotion or marketing campaign, all waiting to be customised with a logo or message.

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Clothing & Headwear

With a focus on design, functionality, quality and price, Kc Brandit’s range of on-trend clothing and head wear, backed up by a sizable stock holding, has evolved into one of the premier offerings in the Promotional Industry.

With appealing, well-balanced collections positioned under 6 distinct brands and 9 categories, Kc Brandit’s extensive offering makes it easy to choose the right combination of style and performance, whether the requirement is casual, sporty or corporate. Kc Brandit’s has several catalogues to chose from where Corporate Clothing & Headwear features high-impact styles for men, women and children.

Available in a variety of colours, fits and sizes, the range of aprons, conti suits, t-shirts, golf shirts, workwear, bodywarmers, fleeces, hoodies, tracksuits, sweaters, jackets, beanies, caps and scarves, caters for all corporate & promotional clothing needs. From budget-friendly giveaways and everyday essentials to apparel that’s designed to show off team colours, there’s a look and feel that’s perfect for all.

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With industry-leading turnaround times, large capacity across all departments and an in-depth understanding of the complexity of branding, Kc Brandit provides clients with the ease, convenience and cost-savings associated with purchasing and branding product at one point.

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Kc Brandit is a privately owned Advertising, Branding and Promotional products agency established in 2007. Our clients and projects are varied and our portfolio represents our abilities across an array of executions. It is not possible to deliver a wide range of projects without a team of specialized individuals and we are proud of our team with some of the best strategic, design, web design and project management talent that Durban has to offer.

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Employing the latest technology and processes and leveraging their branding expertise, Kc Brandit offers clients the ability to take the world and make it their own. Offering the choice of 18 branding techniques, Kc brandit’s clients are able to combine multiple methods and locations on the same item, projecting exactly the right image for their brands. We ensure clients of the best execution possible.